Rehoboth Presbyterian Church              
...the oldest Presbyterian Church in America

Rehoboth Today

Today, Rehoboth Presbyterian is a wonderful little church with smiling faces and friendly people.  We have included many of our photos for your viewing.  This is just a little taste of what the members of our church participate in.  Whether it is a covered dish meal, special music, grounds clean up or the annual crab feast, we are all working together with one central drive, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  May his blessings touch your lives as he has ours. 

We invite you to join us at the historic Rehoboth Presbyterian Church as we solemnly reflect on the final night of Jesus' earthly life through participating in our Tenebrae Service on Maundy Thursday, March 28th at 7p.m.  In the reading of Scripture and the gradual extinguishing of lights, this moving service recalls the betrayal, arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. 

We enjoy fellowship!  As you can see from these photos, our luncheons and meals are well attended.  Why?  We love good food, good fellowship, and we enjoy each other.  It's a wonderful day to enjoy the great food at Rehoboth! 

Early in 2012, our pastor of 23 year, the Rev. David Parke, retired.  At the end of the year the congregation voted to extend a call to the Rev. Kirk Dausman.  He and his family joined us in ministry the First Sunday in Advent.  Throughout the interim period, our congregation has maintained attendance and we have even had a new member join us.  Our church is still growing and continues the positive efforts.  Whether we are cleaning and maintaining the grounds, serving a special meal to the community, or attending our regular service each Sunday, you will always find happy communication at Rehoboth. 

We joined this church because of the people.  We hope you come visit us and see what this little church by the Pocomoke River has to offer for you.

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